Lighting System, Parachute Slider

Lighting System, Parachute Slider


The LSM system comprises two high-intensity LED based luminaires, control circuitry, and a replaceable CR123 battery mounted within a lightweight nylon carrier. Automatic activation is achieved immediately upon deployment of the parachute canopy. The LSM provides two bright points of light for marking the parachutist or load plus low level illumination of the parachute canopy. LSM’s are user-specified and designed for specific rigs and sliders.
Installation and Rigging
The LSM can be sewn directly onto the leading
edge of the slider or set up for Velcro™ mounting
to provide quick replacement or change-out from
training to operational use. Devices are provided
with rigging and maintenance instructions.
The LSM, both sewn on and Velcro attached
versions have been jump tested and verified by the
military and parachute manufacturers under both
day and night conditions.


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