TacMed Simulation™

TacMed Simulation offers cutting-edge capabilities in the field of medical training simulations. Our high-fidelity simulators are at the forefront of training technology, providing an unparalleled learning experience. These simulators boast advanced features such as animatronic leg movement, realistic breathing patterns, simulated bleeding, and autonomous responses to treatment protocols. This level of realism allows medical professionals to immerse themselves in lifelike scenarios, enhancing their preparedness for real-life emergencies.

What sets TacMed Simulation™ apart is the robust construction of our simulators. Crafted with a strong urethane core and durable synthetic skin, our simulators are purpose-built for ruggedness and longevity. These untethered, battery-operated manikins are ideal for scenario-based field training, offering flexibility and adaptability in various weather conditions and environments. Whether it’s in the scorching heat or freezing cold, our simulators continue to perform flawlessly, ensuring that training remains immersive and effective. TacMed Simulation™ empowers medical professionals to hone their skills and readiness with state-of-the-art training tools designed to meet the demands of the real world.


Please contact RPT for government pricing and contract opportunites: gsasales@rptactical.com 
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