Shakespeare Company LLC

We build the solutions that some of the world’s most reliable products depend on. As material science experts, we find our purpose in pushing products and systems to their greatest problem-solving potential, so ultimately, we can promise our customers a plan — and partnership — they can rely on every time. Our diverse portfolio provides product and system solutions that span industrial to consumer end-markets. Supported by proprietary technologies and patent-protected intellectual property, Shakespeare’s material science solutions reflect its team’s innovation and expertise.

MARKETS: • Automotive • Consumer Products • Healthcare • Lawn & Garden • US Military • Leisure and Commercial Boating • Manufacturing

APPLICATIONS: • Hose & Tubing • Packaging • Adhesives and Coatings • Automotive Interior Products • Light-weighting Metal Replacement • 3D Printing • Universal Trimmer Heads and Trimmer Line • Paper Machine Clothing • Specialty Fabrics • Tire Cord • Fasteners • Filtration • Carpets • Brushes

PRODUCTS: • Custom Nylons for Unique Applications • Conductive and Anti-static Fibers • Marine Electronics • Military Electronics • Performance Monofilaments and Fibers • Polymeric Carrier Resins

DIVISIONS: • Polymers & Filaments • Lawn & Garden • Military Electronics • Marine Electronics

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