It started with a simple plan to make a headlamp for night surfing. A light that delivered a wide beam of light and a superior, hands-free lighting experience. A light that could withstand lots of water and frequent impact that you could allow you to focus on the task at hand.

FoxFury lights have been created to deliver an exceptional lighting experience. We build premium, task-specific lighting tools that are portable, durable and used anytime, anywhere. We’re honored that first responders, industrial safety professionals, photographers and videographers in over 50 countries depend on our lighting tools.

FoxFury’s mission is to keep you (and others) safe and illuminated at all times and to build premium and reliable lights that exceed expectations when seconds count and/or lives are on the line.


Our Values

  • RESPECT – We treat everyone (team members, customers, and prospects) with the utmost dignity by communicating in a polite, courteous, and kind manner. Every interaction leaves people feeling valued and trusted. We extend the same treatment to the company as a whole through our products, services, and brand.
  • SERVICE – We engage everyone with courtesy and respect. We exceed expectations, confident that our customers will enthusiastically share their experiences with others.
  • INTEGRITY – We act with honesty, regardless of consequences, and whether or not anyone is watching.
  • RESPONSIBILITY – We perform our duties and undertake our obligations in a timely and satisfactory manner because we are aware that our failure will trigger consequences and penalties to us, to the organization, and to the customer.
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