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At Explotrain we strive to produce the best, most reliable, and safest battlefield effects, training aids and blast simulators available on the market. We understand training is constantly evolving to adapt to the emerging threats encountered on the battlefield and incidents which are becoming more prevalent throughout the world.

Our mission at Explotrain is to help instructors develop the groundwork to promote learning, increase awareness, and cultivate a foundation based in safety by generating an environment which will create the necessary psychological training scars needed for knowledge retention.

To support instructors, training centers and various agencies, Explotrain has designed a line of battlefield effects, IED training aids, blast simulators and training classes to meet the needs of each unit’s specific requirements. Click HERE to view our products.


Our company has become an industry leader in the non-pyrotechnic simulation of IEDs, VBIEDs, battlefield effects and explosive effects. Originally developed for EOD training at NAVSCOLEOD in 1999, our simulators are now used world wide.

In 2015, Explotrain began introducing a full line of comprehensive IED training aids developed by EOD technicians for a variety of scenarios. Each Inert Functional Improvised Explosive Device has been designed and tailored to meet the unique training needs of a particular unit.

Every X-O™ explosive simulator uses a precisely controlled blend of oxygen and propane ignited within an open ended cylinder to produce a safe, but very realistic simulated explosive blast. Both the safety and realism have been tested and confirmed by sound pressure and blast over-pressure measurements.

X-O™ explosive blast simulators are available in several different sizes and configurations to fit a variety of training needs: small vehicle or building mounted units, mid-sized one man portable simulators designed for ease of concealment or extended use and larger devices for simulating VBIEDs or roadside bombs for training mounted troops.

Every X-Series explosive simulator can be command fired or victim operated. Wireless control options include the ability to control up to ten devices at a distance of up to 600 meters from a single remote. Victim operated scenarios can use hardwired triggers or Inert Functional IEDs that are identical to actual devices except for an inert explosive charge and the use of our X-CAP transmitter in place of an actual blasting cap.

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