Core Survival HEL-STAR 4 Helmet Light

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The latest generation HEL-STAR 4® is a two-function marker light comprising a low profile waterproof electronics/battery module and a flexible LED lighting strip. HEL-STAR 4® was specifically developed as a snag-free, helmet mounted light for HAHO/HALO operations and has since proven valuable for other special operations within Search & Rescue, LE, and DHS.

The Velcro® attachment provides reliable mounting with a built-in breakaway feature in case the device is hit by a foreign object or a parachute riser. Two detented sliding switches provide ON/OFF and two user-defined operating functions in any combination of White, Green or IR signals – steady or flashing. IFF capabilities are enhanced by flexible programming, featuring unique, user-defined flash rates or codes. The CR123 lithium battery is field-replaceable and affords long life and excellent cold temperature operation. HEL-STAR 4® was designed for easy operation with gloved hands in the blind.

Other Operating Color/Signal/Intensity Codes are available.