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Portable Tactical Training Facility


Designed for use in a variety of training programs including door entry,
hallways, cover management, cornering, firearm range drills and
much more.

  • Unlimited configurations
  • Quick, easy set up and disassembly
  • Break the typical floor plan memorization
  • Generously mapped with hook and loop fasteners for
    joining walls, attaching roofs, windows, or hanging targets
  • Average set up less than one hour with two people
    Transparent and/or shoot through windows
  • Optional ceiling package available for low light training
    and/or better containment of projectiles


  • Portable, durable and versatile shoot-house for force-on-force training
  • Use individual walls for drills such as cover management, cornering and door entries
  • Easy to set up and reconfigure during training
  • Add ceilings for low light training
  • Great for CQB and Mission Rehearsal
  • Set up virtually anywhere!
  • Berry Compliant version available