Simulation Devices Designed for Realistic Medical Scenario Training

The ITTS Patient Monitoring Suite of Simulators can be used in all phases of patient care for any human (role-playing) or ANY patient simulator, including the TOMManikin and TAMikin.

We offer a wide range of simulation devices to assist in realistic medical training scenarios. These devices realistically replicate a patient’s dynamically changing condition with appropriate/inappropriate interventions. Instructors remain in control of all diagnostic values to challenge their student’s ability to recognize and respond appropriately.

ITTS  Capnograph Simulator: Designed to be used as a mainstream carbon dioxide monitor that can be connected in-line with a mask or tube.
Simulator displays include carbon dioxide partial pressure, respiratory rate, and CO2 waveform.

ITTS Pulse Oximeter Simulator: The ITTS Pulse Oximeter simulator utilizes the widely used finger-style probe for monitoring blood oxygen saturation. Simulator display  includes Heart Rate,  Respiratory Rate, SpO2, and SpO2 waveforms.

ITTS NIBP Monitor Simulator: Designed to replicate a portable NIBP monitor, this simulator allows medical responders to gather vital signs without instructor intervention.  Onboard controls allow various modes of operation.  Display includes systolic & diastolic pressures (mmHg) and heart rate.

Devices include:
  • PulseOx Simulator
  • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Simulator / NIBP Cuff
  • In-Line Waveform Capnography Simulator
  • Remote Control for Devices
  • Charger and Cables
  • Sturdy Case for Easy Transport