HEL-STAR 5® is an expanded three function, low profile LED marker light designed specifically for snag free mounting on helmets. Used extensively throughout military freefall for HAHO/HALO; the HEL-STAR 5® has also proven valuable for other airborne and ground operations. Its conformal design allows for alternative marking applications on aerial delivery, vehicles, outerwear and equipment. Velcro® interfaces make for quick installation without tools or hardware, reducing snag hazards, while providing easy detachment by users.

Detented sliding switches offer positive visual and tactile confirmation of ON/OFF status and operating mode. HEL-STAR 5® is available with any combination of RGB, White or IR LED’s– flashing or steady. It’s IFF capabilities are enhanced by flexible programming, featuring unique, user-defined flash rates or codes. Field replaceable lithium C123 cells ensure long life and excellent cold temperature operation. HEL-STAR 5® eliminates the need for multiple items on the helmet by combining the capabilities of a strobe and chem-light into one fully functional device. HEL-STAR 5® was designed for easy operation with gloved hands in the blind.