The fourth generation of the HEL-STAR 4®  is a significantly improved, waterproof, twofunction marker light specifically  designed for low profile mounting on helmets for airborne, MFF, ground forces, SAR and other operations. The two operating functions can be user defined in any combination of White, Green or IR signals, either steady or flashing mode. Improvements include a separate ONOFF switch and a higher capacity lithium battery (CR123). Other uses for the device  include  marking of vehicles, equipment or outerwear.

HEL-STAR 4®  Advantages  

Safety – Velcro interface provides an emergency peel-away feature—reducing potential for injury caused by interference with parachute risers. 

Security – Positive visual and tactile confirmation of ON/OFF and function status. One touch turns the unit OFF. Positive confirmation of OFF avoids inadvertent ON status in the IR mode. 

Versatility – Three operating functions are provided with a choice of white, green or IR signals—flashing or steady. The electronics/battery compartment is waterproof to at least 16 feet. 

Simplicity – The tactile sliding switches can be operated with a gloved-hand in the blind with the helmet donned.   

Long Life / Extreme Conditions – Powered by a field-replaceable lithium 123 cell for long life and excellent cold temperature operation.

Waterproof—For temporary exposure to depths of 18’.  Not intended for extended underwater use.