About Us

RPT Consulting LLC., dba- Rally Point Tactical (“RPT”) is a qualified HUBZone Small Business that specializes in providing premier equipment and services to its customers. RPT employs a holistic approach to the equipment, business, and services that we provide to our customers and the defense industry. With customers spanning the entire world we are able to offer our customers not just “A Solution” but “The Best Solution” to expand operational capabilities.
RPT utilizes its experience and knowledge to provide the most effective and efficient means to accomplish our customer’s procurement efforts. With an ever expanding product offering, RPT offers a sole source justification for any of our customer’s requirements.
Aligned with many of the leading manufacturers in the defense industry, RPT offers both innovative and cutting edge technologies that help expand the effectiveness of those protecting freedoms worldwide.
When missions don’t go as planned, our customers rely on RPT to make sure that they have the right equipment to make their next mission a success. With an understanding that many of the products offered may one day determine life or death, whether on the streets or the battlefield, RPT strives to make sure that when the time comes to deploy any of these products, our customers have what they need. With a devoted and focused operations staff, we make sure that our customers receive the exact equipment they ordered, when they need it.
RPT understands that sacrifices are made daily by the men and women supporting the protection of freedoms worldwide. RPT intensely focuses on making sure that these same men and women do not have to sacrifice customer service and a pleasant experience to get the best value.
RPT wants to thank all of the men and women who stand unwavering in the path of evil, whether home or abroad; for that we will be forever indebted.