Broco Ultimate Breacher Tool

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Broco Ultimate Breacher Tool

The breaching tool for non-breachers. Designed with first responders in mind the UBT is the newest multi-purpose tool for law enforcement and military alike.

Designed to be the one simple tool for First Responders, the Broco Ultimate Breacher Tool (UBT) combines four tools into one: a sledge, pry, ram and rake. Whether it be an active shooter event, medical related or some other emer‐ gency, the first person on‐scene needs basic entry capability that is easy to carry, easy to use. 

  • Active Shooter and Medical Emergencies
  • Multipurpose - Pry, Ram, Sledge, Rake
  • Breach Security Gates, Doors, Windows
  • D Handle or Straight Handle Options


  • D Handle Version - 24" Long, 16 lbs
  • Straight Handle Version - 26" Long, 14 lbs