FirstSpear Padded AGB Sleeve 6/12, Slim Line

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FirstSpear Padded AGB Sleeve 6/12™, Slim Line

A slim trim more minimalist version of the popular Assaulters Gun Belt (AGB) Padded Sleeve, allows the user to attach belt direct and/or 6/12™, 6/9™ or MOLLE style pockets where desired and of course a pistol holster. We have provided comfort padding with moisture wicking mesh along its whole length.

Please note* Sizing for Padded Sleeves is based on user preference and where the "tips" of the padded sleeve end on your body. You can order a size larger if you want the sleeve to wrap completely around you and meet/overlap behind the cobra buckle. Your normal size or even one smaller will ensure the padded sleeve does not meet in the front and provides a slimmer and more minimal configuration.